How Dry Rot is Fixed

26 Mar

Dry rot refers to wood that has rotten behind a covering of metal or paint. Dry rot will thus be the rotting that shall start once water get behind that covering to the wood. The wood shall get rotten and damaged in the process. There will also be the effect on poorly installed wooden fixtures, like on windows and decks. As these surfaces get wetter, so does the rotting spread.

When it comes to the repair of dry rot damage, there are typically two approaches applied. There is where they may have to replace the entire boards or parts of those boards patched. When it comes to replacement, there shall be the complete removal of the rotten pieces. This shall need there to be another new piece ready for the replacement. You can go for real wood or a composite. There real wood to be used has to be primed and sealed. You cannot accept work where they only prime the exposed bits. This will see the dry rot problem re-emerge after a little while. You need all surfaces, whether exposed or not, to be primed to ensure they do not give dry rot another chance.

In terms of patchwork, you need a skilled carpenter to come to remove the rotten sections or the board or beam, and fix it accordingly. There are those who use a wood sealer, or wood and epoxy. They will then ensure the surface is completely dry and sealed so that there are no recurring instances of dry rot. This shall help you save so many sections of unaffected wood. You may not even realize that such repairs were made if done skillfully. This only works where the dry rot was detected early enough. Where the rot was extensive, the only viable option shall be a replacement of those boards. 

There is a need to have a professional dry rot repair home depot repair service provider to do such work for you. They will first look at what it is you are facing, the tell you what needs to be done. They shall then give you an estimate of this work, and if it is agreeable, they shall proceed to handle it. You need to receive a free estimate, with charges being presented once the work has been done. Do not deal with those only interested in the payments. You can expect a professional company to go as far as leaving you with a painted and good looking surface. They, therefore, need to have experienced and highly skilled service crews for such work. 

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